My Cat Has Feathers but She Can’t Fly

In my dream I am throwing myself against windows
to wake up
trying to put a stop sign up
In my dream I am breathing someone else’s breath
theirs on my face and I’m crazy now
under the ice and time is running out
knocking against mirrored glass pushing a frozen voice out
I'm willing to die now to wake up

and finally do to the tortoise shell cat staring me
straight in the face
and the man downstairs
singing songs about me that just aren’t true


  1. Great idea, doing a blog. Now I get to be startled by your quirky, gritty, snaggle-toothed compressed gems more often. Wonderful poems as always. DB

  2. do do you mean due to otherwise the dream poem is superb a revelation of anxiety and fear expressed in intriguing langauage and images great pst cosentino